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Helpful Tips

Proficient Removals have moved more residential homes, commercial offices and apartments than you’ve had chicken dinners. To help make your move successful, without any hiccups, we have put together these helpful tips and a printable moving checklist. Don’t forget during your move our team is ready to respond to your questions - we are here to help.

Save our Contact Number into Your Mobile

Keep us in your mobile phone for quick access and save your booking number. Also have any emergency help numbers in your phone such as fire, police, ambulance and any handy man contacts such as electrician, plumber, strata contacts etc. Although extremely rare that an emergency will happen, it’s always good to have those numbers in your phone in case we need to switch off power.

Pack a travel bag with essentials

Moves can disruptive to everyday living so pack enough of the essentials to last a few days. Toothbrush, toiletries, linen, towel, fresh clothes, sheets, shoes and any other essentials you might require. Things like Toilet paper, telephone and charger, toiletries, snacks, coffee/tea, kettle, soap, torch, screwdriver, pliers, can opener, paper plates, cups, utensils, couple of pots and pans, canned soup and paper towels can come in handy.

Turn off and clean the fridge (night before)

Clean out and turn off your fridge the night before your move. A handful of fresh coffee or baking soda in a sock or nylon stocking will keep the inside of the fridge smelling good for your new house. Fridges have gases inside which require 24 hours to settle so when you move into your new place turn on your fridge and don’t use it until 24 hours have past.

Pack Items Yourself to Save Time

We charge by the hour so some clients prefer to pack some times themselves. If you do pack yourself make sure you pack heavy items in small boxes and lighter items in larger boxes. Proficient Removals can provide boxes prior to the move, please include this detail when you book online or via our friendly customer service staff. When packing framed photos or art, place sheets or blankets between them for added protection. Plates should be packed on end vertically, rather than placed flat and stacked.

Move Confirmation

Our customer services staff will contact you 24 hours before the move to confirm the booking and detail. Please provide us with two contact numbers in case we can’t reach you on your mobile.

Remove Light Bulbs

Remove bulbs before packing your lamps to avoid any breakages.

Pets and Children

Moves can be stressful, if you find a pet sitting for a few days that will one less thing to worry about. Children can also get in the way and we want to keep them safe. If you can’t find a sitter for a few hours then make sure they understand that they need to keep away from the truck and whilst we love help we would never have children move any items.


We can move plants but you need to make sure that they are ready for the move. Ensure the soil is watered on the morning of the move, we only move potted plants so make sure your pots have a solid base.

Have fun

Moving is stressful so we make sure that you feel at ease, we are friendly, reliable, trustworthy and really good fun so make sure you relax and think about how awesome your new place will be and let us manage your move.

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