Do I really need to bother taking out insurance?

Proficient Removals strongly suggests that you consider taking out insurance as an extra measure to protecting your goods as they will be exposed to a higher risk of loss/damage than when they are inside your home.

Will my Home and Contents Insurance Policy cover the move or storage of my goods?

Usually they do not, but by all means check your policy wording, contact your Insurer to find out.

Do I need to insure everything?

Proficient Removals leaves that decision up to you. If you decide to insure only specific items, anything that is not on the list will unfortunately not be covered.

Which type of cover do you recommend I take out?

Whilst we haven’t assessed your individual circumstances we generally recommend that clients take out Full Cover and Insure their goods for Replacement Cost. This means that you have the broadest coverage against the risks of loss or damage and you would receive new of old in most circumstances (unless your goods are more than 7 years old).

How much should I value my goods for?

If you choose replacement cover, you need to estimate the cost of replacing your goods with new goods of similar type and quality. If you choose market value cover, then you need to estimate the amount that you would be likely to receive fro your goods if you sold them. You can either provide us with a figure or the total value of your goods or you can use your Insurance Declaration to identify and value your goods.

Does this cover me for everything?

No, the Customer Goods in Transit and Storage Insurance can cover cartons that have been packed by you as long as you supply an itemised valued list of contents for each carton. Be aware that such goods are insured only for restricted cover and will depend on the cover you have selected.

I have 100 CD’s Do I have to itemise them individually?

No, just estimate their total value. For example you may estimate their replacement value at $ 2.000. In the event of a claim, you may like to specify it and value it separately.

I have to put my goods in storage-do I have to take out separate insurance for that?

Yes, we can arrange storage insurance for your goods in conjunction with the transit insurance.

What experience do you have in insurance?

Our authorised brokers are removal insurance specialists.

How will I know what I am covered for?

The Product and Disclosure Statement (PDS) summarises what the policy covers, the various cover options available to you and what it does not cover

I don’t think your insurance is going to be sufficient for my needs. So what should I do?

If you require advice or have any questions regarding your insurance needs, we can refer you to our authorising Insurance Broker, Carriers Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd on (02) 9913 2002 or

But won’t your insurance cover my move?

There are many circumstances for which our insurance may reject a claim and we encourage you to read our insurers PDS.

I do not want to take out insurance for the move but do I have to take it out with you?

No, you are under no obligation to take out transit and/or storage insurance with us or anyone else! It is your choice with whom you take insurance out with.

Really, it’s not likely there will be any damage or loss to my goods is it?

Despite all the care and expertise we take, accidents can still happen and some things are outside our control. We always try to ensure that there is no loss or damage, but we do recommend our clients take out insurance.

Will insurance cover me if I pack boxes myself?

If you decided to pack boxes you can claim under your own private insurance however, our insurance won’t come into effect until the date of the move. Proficient Removals recommends you discuss with us your exact requirements so we can help you as much as possible.

Will I have to pay an excess if I have a claim?

Yes , the Customer Goods in Transit and Storage Insurance does have an excess which is set out in the PDS.